Reviewer guidelines

The reviewer can use the URLs given in the review request mail to indicate whether the review task will be accepted or declined.

Figure 1.1: URLS to record the decision on review request

The same URL can be used to access the manuscript and to record your review and recommendation, if accepted.

The author would have uploaded the submission as a file, which the reviewer can download from the journal's website by clicking on the file name. The supplementary files refer to materials the author may have uploaded, in addition to the submission, such as data sets, research instruments, or source texts.

Figure 1.2: Review Steps

The review icon available in the 4th step is presented with two review text-boxes where the review can be typed or pasted: one for the editor and author, and one visible to the editor only.

The reviewer can also upload files in the 5th step, which can be an annotated version of the submission or some relevant data or other materials that will assist editor and/or author.

The reviewer can select a recommendation for the submission (step 6) from among the following options: Accept, Revisions Required, Resubmit for Review, Resubmit Elsewhere, and Decline Submission.

Figure 1.3: Review Steps