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Original Articles

Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in systemic lupus erythematosus is influenced by steroids and may not completely reflect the disease activity
S Chandrashekara, Panchagnula R, KR Anupama. IJRCI. 2020;8(1):OA1 DOI: 10.15305/ijrci/v8i1/319
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Polyarticular charcot: A rare case report and a literature review in Indian context
Patel JH, Chaturvedi V, Bhandari GS, Gupta M. IJIR. 2020;(8)1:R1 DOI: 10.15305/ijrci/v8i1/325
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Case Studies

Burkholderia sepsis mimicking flare of ANCA-associated vasculitis: A rare presentation
Gupta M, Duggal L, Jain N, Bhavya C. IJRCI. 2020;8(1):CS2 DOI: 10.15305/ijrci/v8i1/335
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Successful treatment of POEMS syndrome in a young male with stem cell transplantation
Oak J, Shah I, Pandey A, Das T, Tulpule S. IJRCI. 2020;8(1):CS1. DOI: 10.15305/ijrci/v8i1/334
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Rebuttal: A rare co-occurrence of anti-CCP-positive rheumatoid arthritis with sacroiliitis
Haridas VM. IJRCI. 2020;8(1):C2 DOI: 10.15305/ijrci/v8i1/336
Abstract  Views: 274    |  HTML   : 161    |  PDF   : 21  
Commentary: A rare co-occurrence of anti CCP-positive rheumatoid arthritis with sacroiliitis
Dalal A. Commentary: IJRCI. 2020;8(1):C1.
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