Special Issues

In the field of musculoskeletal disease and rheumatic disease management, the lack of available clinical data on different aspects of the diseases poses major concerns to make suitable decisions on clinical governance. Studies based on such data are generally not accepted by journals as they may not convey any novel findings. In addition, the change in the definition of various diagnostic criteria has changed the spectra in which the diseases would present. Early diagnosis and available testing methods would have also contributed to the altered clinical presentations. In order to publish such data, the journal is bringing up special issues focusing on diverse topics.


 Year  Special Issue Title
 Guest Editors
 Observational studies dealing with various aspects of rheumatic diseases   Dr. Chandrashekara
 Quantification of inflammation in autoimmune diseases   Dr. Chandrashekara
2015 Geriatric Rheumatology Dr. Chandrashekara

ISSN: 2320-7221